Our Story

We are Clayton, Rachel and George. A not so ordinary family of three.  Our son Clayton has Sotos Syndrome resulting in Autism spectrum developmental disabilities.  Additionally, he has kidney disease, severe kyphoscoliosis and was diagnosed with cancer in November 2011. We have had a long 9 years and started documenting our journey here along the way. This blog is full of our ups and our downs and overflowing with my emotions.

We have had an endless stream of "are you kidding me moments", but continue to try and learn from our unique circumstances and live the best life we can with the littlest love of our life. Clayton has led us down an unforeseen and unexpected journey to wondrous places though the road has been VERY bumpy. But we've discovered our journey is far from over.  We've learned to live small and dream big.  We are aspiring homesteaders with gypsy souls and this is our adventure.  God willing, it is just beginning...

Thanks for caring for my sweet boy and sending him your prayers!

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